Friday, January 9, 2009

Sticky Lemon Chicken

Sticky Lemon Chicken

Olive oil- I just guessed...maybe 4-6 Tbsp
7 boneless-skinless chicken breasts cut in half (you can use any chicken pieces in this recipe)
1.5 lemons
2 tbsp Seasoned Rice Vinegar (or any cooking vinegar)
3 cloves of garlic -sliced
Salt & Pepper
Big Pinch of Dried or Fresh Basil
Big Pinch of Dried or Fresh Rosemary
1/2 c Honey

Heat olive oil in frying pan on med-high.  Cut chicken breasts in half (or any other pieces use whole).  This just aids in the cooking process.  Slice one lemon in thin slices and set aside.  Slice another lemon and use the juice from half the lemon to add to the chicken once you put it in the pan. When the oil is hot, place chicken in pan.  Add lemon juice from half a lemon and vinegar at this time.  Chicken should start to brown after a couple minutes....make sure your pan is hot enough so that the chicken doesn't boil.  Add salt, pepper, basil and rosemary.  Add lemon slices on top of chicken.   Browning should take about 4-6 minutes depending on thickness of chicken. 

When chicken is almost done cooking add sliced garlic and allow to cook for just a couple minutes.  Do not cook for too long or it will become bitter.  Add honey.  You'll see the sauce thicken.  Turn chicken to coat in honey.  

Place chicken on a serving dish and pour sauce w/ lemons on top.  Serve with rice and vegetable. We also served it with a speciality bread that hubby brought home from Volker's Bakery here in Utah.  They have the most amazing breads and the dipping sauce is to die for!!  The garlic is amazing!  If you don't like garlic chunks you can just use garlic power, but I LOVE garlic. It's has the perfect flavor when cooked for just a couple minutes and doused with honey/lemon sauce.  YUM!!

By the way, not one piece of this chicken was left from our family of 7.  The kids loved it so much!  They weren't so sure about the lemon flavor, but the honey really sweetened it up.  It's really yummy.  I'm not so sure how to make it any more sticky without having the honey be to overpowering.  I'll have to play with the recipe a little more.

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