Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Christmas Pictures

I just recently found out that the 'White Balance' setting on my camera is really important in low light settings. Who knew? Too bad I didn't realize this before the Christmas photos were taken. My camera is a Sony DSC-H5 and while it has many options it does not take nearly the quality that I would like. I shouldn't have taken that digital photography class. Now I'm wanting a DSLR. Someday......

For now I present you with a few Christmas pictures. Enjoy!!

L-R: Braden, Casey, Caleb, Brenden, Chloe

The kids were excited to get the Wii and a few other small gifts on Christmas day. The main present was a huge blessing and purchased the day after Thanksgiving...of course there was no way we could wait to surprise them with it!!! With "what we would have spent on you" gifts from family members we were able to get a 20" iMac for the family. Some of the monetary gifts spilled over to help purchase a portion of the Wii, too.

Chloe (9) wanted Mancala for Christmas. We happily obliged...especially since it's only $4.99 at Target. Everyone loves playing this game.

Rob & Caleb (7) are pretending to be asleep. You know...because it just looks good to fake like you're asleep. I guess. Lilo (the cat) just barely closed her eyes. She was worn out from playing with her new mouse. Perhaps they've called a truce.

Christmas brunch was yummy! Mmmm......Cinnamon Rolls.

We had a very white Christmas as you can see. It was beautifully peaceful. Unfortunately, my mom & Nana were both snowed in where they lived and roads were very dangerous. I felt bad they were both home alone on Christmas.

"Isn't there a child labor law? Or something like that?"

Gotta love teenagers!!

Brenden (15) was helping assess the damage. The wind tore off the gate and a section of fence (behind Brenden). When he tried to move it the pieces just fell apart.

My Nana has the greenest thumb and my mom comes in a close 2nd. These were in my Nana's sunroom a few days after Christmas when we finally were able to drive to her house. The next few pictures are of the kids playing at Nana's house.

Caleb (7)

Casey (12) & Brenden (15)

Caleb, Chloe, Braden & Casey

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