Monday, January 5, 2009

Talk About My SuperStars of Dance!!

I've just joined "Talk About Tuesday".  This is where I get to brag  talk about anything I want to. This TAT I will "show and tell" my Irish Dancers. I know you're excited to read all about them.

These are my five beautiful children.  They all Irish Danced together for a time, but recently the twins, Brenden & Braden (15) moved on to things that interest them more.  I know they have fond memories of dancing, competing and winning medals and trophies. My youngest son, Caleb (7) is still dancing.  He has competed at his "First Feis" and this past June competed in the Utah State Feis at Beginner I level.  He's working on his solo dances and seems to enjoy dancing the figures with the girls.  Gee...I wonder why?  

This is Chloe, my 9 yr old and my only girl.  This is a good thing because solo dresses are EXPENSIVE!!!  Chloe has been dancing since the fall of 2003 and since September 2005 with Crawford Irish Dance.  The picture is from the 2008 Grand Canyon Feis in Arizona.  This past November, Chloe competed in the Western Regional Oireachtas U9.  It was her very first Oireachtas and out of 37 dancers she placed 26th.  They recalled 19.  I am so proud of her!  Even after slipping up she held it together to complete her reel.  We can't wait for this years Oireachtas!!  Chloe told me "Mom, I'm going to be a Champion dancer." on the way to dance practice today.  I believe you, sweet girl! 

This is my third son, Casey (12).  He's been Irish Dancing since September 2005.  We pulled Chloe from her uncertified school to put her with Crawford School of Irish Dance (which has recently merged with An Daire Academy) so that she could begin competing at feisanna. The day Chloe came home from her first class, Casey told me that he wanted to Irish dance, too.  The next week he was dancing and hasn't stopped.  Casey is currently at full Prizewinner Feis level, with one at Prelem.  He's an amazing dancer and I couldn't be more proud of him.  Casey wants to be a Broadway Director someday, but for now he's content acting out drama's and musical's as well as practicing for dance competitions and performances.  


  1. How exciting that you can all share something you love! Another good reason to have only one girl is that you don't have to spend so much time doing hair. I have to do hair for four of us every day! Well, not the baby yet but pretty soon she'll have enough hair to fix. What fun!

  2. What a talented bunch of children you have there. My husband often talks about forming a family garage band. I guess we'll have to wait and see if the kids enjoy playing instruments or not, and then see if my husband can be patient enough to listen to the noise while they practice.

  3. Wow, what a great thing you can all do together. Looks fun, thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful ! I love your daughters dress. We had such fun Step Dancing... It was always fun making sure our two daughters had their hair done ! It was only at the end of their dancing that the girls wore hair pieces. We curled their hair with rags, like in the old days.
    Steven quailified for worlds but we didn't have the money for him to go : (

  5. Awesome! I'm not familiar with Irish dance at all, but it looks like it'd be a lot of fun with costumes like that. What a great activity for kids. Maybe if I danced as a child, I wouldn't have two left feet now. :)