Tuesday, November 22, 2005

God has a sense of humor.

Throughout my pregnancy with my 5th child, I prayed for him/her to have red hair.

Yes, R.E.D...RED hair.

I figured, it was worth one last shot. I mean, why couldn't God give me a red head?

He could! If he could keep this little munchkin snuggled inside me after a bout of 13th week bleeding, then by golly He could give me a red haired child.

And if the Lord didn't wish to oblige my odd request, we had to have red hair somewhere in our genes, er, right?? I wasn't asking for TOO much. In fact, I thought I had both my areas covered....genetics and God's will.

Who could lose?

Meet offspring #5, Caleb Patrick. Even the name sounds like he should have red hair, dontcha think? Caleb was lovingly nicknamed "SPOO" while he was still gestating. Here he is about 5 months old. Though you cannot see it, he does have a "hint" of red hair. Even his eyebrows showed shimmers of red in the sunlight. Of course, I pointed this out to EVERYONE I met. Yes, it was child abuse...I realize this now.

"Hey, you! Yes, YOU.... on the street corner. Do you see my son? Do you see his red hair? No!? Well, let me hold him this way...see the sun shining off his head...THAT red hair. Now can you see it?"

I wasn't completely insane ya know....I mean take a look at these pictures......

HA! RED hair!! I told you!!!

So, yes, he does have red hair. As red as it was gonna get and I was quite happy with it, lemme tell ya. I was a maniac too. I chose complimentary red haired clothing whenever I went shopping. Don't you feel that the lime green outfit really highlighted and brought out the vibrant red hair I was...I mean he was blessed with?

Well, as you can see, God has a (mean) sense of humor:

Occasionally, I'll catch a faint glimpse of what used to be, but I guess red hair just wasn't in our genes. You should know however, that I keep eyeing these at walmart: