Friday, December 19, 2008


It is snowing like mad and has been since noon. It's beautiful. I love watching snow seems so festive. Once it stops falling its *just* snow and what's so great about that? It's cold, makes the kids drag in dirty snow on their feet which make my socks get wet and that makes me grumpy, makes the floors of my car dirtier and is just no fun.

**a neighbor just went by on a snowplow. He's clearing the culdesac across the street. I wonder if he'll do my driveway.**

My kids came home from school and immediately asked if they could play in it. The mean mommy in me wanted to say, "No, it's SNOWING and it's cooooold.", but I repressed her and let out "nice mommy". I helped them get bundled up and actually went to get the camera to take pictures. I couldn't find the camera and realized it was in the car. With Rob. At work. Great! So, I did the next best thing and grabbed my cell phone. The images aren't that great and I took it from inside the house, but at least we got some images. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some more of the snow actually falling. Mmmmm........

What a great way to start their Winter Break!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

still unpacking

Tomorrow, after school lets out, marks the beginning of "Winter Break" for our five children. I also decided to take the next two weeks off of work, in hopes that I could get some stuff done around here. I have lots of things planned. Things that will make the children smile (like swimming at the rec center, baking and sledding) and things that will probably make them run for the hills (like cleaning, getting laundry caught up, cleaning and organizing). The next 2 weeks should be loads of fun. I'm already making lists.

I always have lots of great ideas, but most of them only get jotted down in one of my *many* lists. I think the lists will help me focus better so that I can remain on task. They don't. My lists are really quite long and even when I am able to cross off the things I've accomplished (which I LOVE to do!!) I still feel like I haven't accomplished much. It really is say the least. I have lots to do, lots that needs to get done, lots I want to get done and I'm just very detail oriented. This must be the motto I live by:

"Everything must have a place and that which doesn't have a place cannot be thrown out because I'm sure I'll find a place for it."

This morning, after I got up to make a pot of coffee, I noticed the boxes and misc. items that were lining the hallway. I started to feel overwhelmed, but knew it wouldn't do me any good to stress out. I decided to see the tiny bits of progress I had made....even if nobody else notices. "My goal, I thought to myself, will be to get all of these boxes cleared out and organized before we go to dance tonight." Here I sit, at 1:50 pm, and nothing has been touched. We leave for dance at 4:00 pm.

Do I think the boxes are going to unload themselves? I must.