Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not feeling so great and slightly busy.....

I have been pretty busy this week and it's only half over.  Of course, having the added stress of Science Fair projects that were procrastinated on, dental appointments, a doctor appointment and me not feeling well,  just makes things seem unbearable.  I've sat down several times to try and finish a decent entry and as you well know, that hasn't happened.  I do have an entry partly ready, yet I haven't had the energy to take "after" photographs yet.  I need the after shots so you can see how well we did with organizing.   

I'm not sure what's up with me lately.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the storms we've had here and probably because we are so busy this week.  I'm also having a hard time concentrating and when I try I can't seem to get my brain to formulate anything.  My brain feels like oatmeal.  

Here is what my week has been and what the rest of the week looks like:

Picked up Casey from school-9:10
Worked -10-1
Irish Dance (Casey, Chloe & Caleb) 4:30-6:30
Dave Ramsey FPU- 7:00-9:00 (2nd week/11 weeks to go)

Worked -9-4
Irish Dance (Caleb) 4:30-5:30
Finished up Chloe's Science Fair project- 6:30-9:30 (She got picked and is being judged now!!)  

Picked up Casey from School-9:10
Went to grocery store 9:30
Home at 10:45
Put chicken in crock-pot
Watched movie because I felt sick
Fixed dinner (Chinese Stir Fry w/ Pot Stickers)
Rob took the older boys to youth
I have the younger two here, one is in the bath and one is whining to use the computer.

Work (if I feel better) 9:00-1:00
Pick up kids by 1:30 (two different schools)
Dentist for cleanings (family of 7) 2:00-4:00
Irish Dance for Casey & Chloe 4:30-6:00

Pick up Casey from school at 8:45
Doctor appointment that I forgot about until just now..not sure what time.
Hopefully finish laundry and get started on my craft room.  Again.  It was 95% complete until...well, that post is in the works. 
I was supposed to go over to my Nana's house, but it doesn't look like that will be the case.
Coffee-Talk with dh 6:30-8:30

Cleaning Day
Hopefully FINISH the craft room
We will hopfully be able to go see a local celtic band, Swaggar.  We are fond of the piper. :)

Worship practice for Rob 8:00-9:15
Church #1 9:30-10:45
Church #2 11:00-12:15

Home to cook and probably take a nap...just to start the majority of this list over again.  
I look at all I do in a week and wonder just how I manage to do it all.  I'm not complaining because I truly feel blessed to have my job.  I love what I do and it allows me to work while the kids are in school and be home when they are. I also enjoy contributing to our already stretched finances.  I know it helps take some of the pressure off of my husband and allows us to pay for things like Irish Dance.  

Speaking of Irish dance, that is another thing that takes up alot of my time.  Irish dance is in our blood.... my husband loves it, our dancers REALLY love it and  I love it!  I do have a bit more responsibilty with my position there and it has taken some time to get adjusted and organized. I'm still not there,  but I will figure it out soon.  

My boys are in Kung Fu and a wonderful friend from Irish dance has made it possible for them to be involved in that.  She's been a huge blessing!  I think she reads my blog so I just wanted to say thank you!!!  

My mom helps us all the time and I can't thank her enough. I appreciate her more than she knows.  She has a wonderful relationship with all five children and takes one or two almost every weekend.  She is also picking up two of them on Monday's while Rob and I are at Financial Peace University classes.  We couldn't do it without her.  My mom also reads my blog.  Thank You mom!!!!!!

I know this is a lame post full of jumbled thoughts and no real direction, so I'll leave you with a few pictures in hopes that you'll continue to read my blog.  

Caleb, eating a processed powered donut, while on a break from swimming over Christmas break.  

Grand Canyon Feis trip 2008
Casey at IN-N-OUT 

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  1. Hey, no problem on helping with the children - anything I can do to find more time to be with them is great for me (even if it is a working week night). You and Rob do a super job with 5 children...personally I was overwhelmed with 2, holding down a full time job, taking care of a home/yard and everything else ... I look at you and think I'd have given up a long time ago. Hang in there, it does get better (somewhat) :)