Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming Soon: A New Face

I am so excited to tell you about my new blog transformation. You'll see it pretty soon, so keep a look out for it!! I've hired a fellow blog mom, Trista,  who has a business making custom blog templates to create my new look. I couldn't be any happier at this moment. I've dreamed about this for a long time.

For years I've blogged under the boring (albeit FREE) templates that Blogger offers.  I've had the best of intentions trying to make my own custom headers, but I just can't seem to comprehend how to navigate around photoshop.  I've done a bit of research, however, my family, job & selfish desire to sleep has made that almost impossible.  

One of these days (soon, I hope), I plan on buying these books:

This one because I use alot of these.............and I know some of these,,,,,,,, are put into the wrong places and well sometimes I forget that run on scentences are not quite the way to go, get the idea.  

I want these books because I hope to create my own blog templates.  Who knows when that will be, but I figure starting to read them will not hurt.  I know my blog will be like the rooms of my house.... where I  constantly rearrange the furniture.  For fun.  For now though, I'm extremely happy to have a fun custom blog.....for ME! 

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