Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pray for Kaidan!!!

*Updated 4/23/09*

We went to see Kaidan this evening after dance.  She is still at PCMC, but her dad said she hasn't had a fever for a few hours, so she may be able to go home tomorrow!  We're praying for that!!  Kaidan has a couple tests that need to be done.  One will test her bone marrow to see if the leukemia has returned and the other is to see how her body is metabolizing the chemo.  You can follow Kaidan on her Caringbridge page and on her parent's blog, but without further delay I wanted to introduce you to a brave and courageous seven year old girl who loves to Irish Dance!!


I know there are a lot of prayer warriors out there.  You all are praying for Abby, Kayleigh and Stellan.  You've prayed for dozens, if not thousands, of children over the years.  These are children that you may have never met before, but the connection is so deep it's like you've held them close to your heart and felt their breath on your neck.  I know the feeling.  I feel that way every day when I pray for these children who have impacted me so deeply.  

Kaidan is a little girl who I met at a park where Crawford Irish Dance was doing a performance last Summer.  She was there with her mom and siblings and she wanted to dance!!!  I gave her mom all the enrollment information and she told me about Kaidan's fight with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  During the next registration quarter, I was excited to see little Kaidan walk through the doors.  Kaidan is one of those children who I have been blessed to get to know.  She is an amazing little girl and you should see her dance!!  I see her at Irish dance from time to time and I've always been amazed by her strength.  She's shy, sweet and a fighter!

A few weeks ago she came to class and as I was leaving I noticed her sitting in the car with her mom.  I went over to say hi and welcome her because no matter where I am, if I see her, my heart swells with emotions I don't even understand.  She was sitting in the passenger seat next to her mom.  I knew her class had already started, so I asked her if she was going to dance.  Her mom  said Kaidan's legs were hurting her and she didn't want to dance that day.  She didn't look like anything was hurting her, but I can only imagine it's because she is such a fighter.  

I remember several months ago her mother was telling me that she may have to quit dance because her bones were not strong enough.  They had hoped Irish Dancing would help strengthen those bones, but it was making matters worse for her.  I immediately started praying for her.  Pleading with God to let her dance.  Just let her dance, Lord!  She kept coming to dance and again, my heart would swell ten times bigger each time I saw her.  Thank You Jesus!!

Today I'm asking if you would please pray for 7 year old Kaidan?  I just found out that she is in the hospital with fevers and we all know that fevers and cancer are not good.   I haven't been able to get much more information than what is on her dad's blog & her caringbridge page.  

As of right now I have not been able to get ahold of her mother for permission to link to her pages or blog.  Once I do, I  will update with the links and hopefully a photo, too. 

If there is anyone that might be willing to make Kaidan a button I would appreciate it.  I don't have the proper software to do that, nor am I that talented.  Email me at if you're interested. 

Thanks so much!!

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