Monday, April 27, 2009

Praises & Prayers!!

First a major PRAISE!  

Stellan is going home!  He was discharged from the Boston Children's Hospital today and is spending the night in a hotel with his mama.  Tomorrow they will fly back home to a very eager family who has missed them for more than five weeks.  The road is still uncertain for Stellan, but God knows everything about this little guy.  Continue to pray for this family and the doctors back home, that they can keep Stellan out of SVT.  There's a wonderful video that was posted today on MckMama's website.  Grab your tissues because you will need them.  

Praise God!  Thank you Jesus!! Your mercies are new everyday!

Now, on to the PRAYER.....

Please continue to pray for Kaidan.  Some of her counts came back better and some were still not good.  The bone marrow test is still on for Wednesday and I am anxious to hear the results. Kaidan is not feeling good enough to go to school, but we hope she gathers some strength in the next few days.  A seven year old girl, who I'm quite certain,  wants to be with her friends, to play on the playground and paint pictures, not be laid up at home.   

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