Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

This adorable little Lamb was made by my Nana.  It's a tradition that she makes one each Easter.  I'm very grateful that my family has been able to celebrate so many holidays with Nana since she moved here.  Unfortunately, this lamb suffers an ill fate, but I'll talk more about that later. 

Today we let our two fifteen year old boys hide the eggs that my mom brought over for us. With our baby being seven years old, I think this was a little too easy.  Gamma did warm them against inserting plastic eggs into her tail pipe.  Maybe they were out of options by this point.

Extremely Eager Easter Egg E-uh-Hunters.

At least when it's sunny outside, my camera can take beautiful landscape photos.  I love Spring!

Nana (my maternal grandmother) and her Utah Great Grandchildren.  We enjoy having her here.  I'm extremely grateful that she is so involved in their lives.  She's very supportive and encouraging to them.  We love our Nana!!!  

The bounty.

Hopefully they'll choose the raisins over the chocolate, which by the way, nobody saved me a piece.  And to think...I carried them all and gave birth to them.  Sheesh!

Last year, Rob was given the opportunity to cut into our very first Easter Lamb cake.  This year was no different.  Of course, being the Bible scholar he is, I wasn't surprised when he explained (in detail) how the Jewish people would sacrifice a lamb.  He then proceeded to slice off the head, dab his finger into the frosting and walk to the nearest door post so he can smear the frosting on my freshly Spring cleaned door frame.  


  1. it worked... the angel of death just passed us by...

  2. Those are great pictures - honest truth is I have the most beautiful grandchildren, ok handsome for the boys. Luv, Gamma