Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Adventures of Feile Denver 2009

Mom, do I really have to pose for this silly picture? When can we go swimming?

Help. Me. Please!


Currently, we are driving home from our adventurous weekend trip to Castle Rock, Colorado.  Adventure is an understatement and doesn’t quite relay the white knuckle, fingernail biting, wishing we had 4-wheel drive experience to you, my blog readers.  Let’s just say, I am extremely grateful the roads are dry and the forecast is for clear skies, dry roads and possible ice over the passes.  What is normally an eight hour drive, took us over nineteen hours on Friday.  We were one of the last cars that was able to sneak by the troops preparing to shut down I-70.

By the looks of things, maybe that wasn’t the safest decision, but we’re alive and that’s all that matters.  The crack in the windshield was done by my dear husband.  It was an accident.

Travel Update @ 11:00 AM: Denver is on the horizon. Roads clear and sunshine is abundant.  Kids are tired.  Casey & Caleb keep fighting.  Chloe is nursing an ankle injury.

We were lucky enough to have caravanned with another group from our studio.  They have a SUV and that proved to be our life saver in the biggest storm Denver has seen in a century. While we were getting pounded with 4 feet of snow, they slowly led the way, hazard lights flashing, so we could follow in their tracks.  

We pulled off I-70 to have a potty break and it was a fiasco.  We were afraid if we got off they wouldn’t let us back on, but the guy directing traffic said we could still get back on.  The kids had a chance to go potty, but the line was horrendous and long.  A few minutes after the kids were done,  we were told they were shutting down the entrance to I-70 so we had to leave immediately.  We ran to the cars and were able to make it to the entrance just in time.  We did not want to be stuck there overnight.  

After we passed through Eisenhower Tunnel we met up with all the other stranded motorists.  So we sat.  And sat.  And sat some more. 

From mile marker 222- 240 it took us over three hours and we sat, not moving at all, for another four hours.  Remember, when I told you we were waiting for the bathroom and had to quickly leave?  Well, not many of us were able to use the restroom.  A funny thing happens when you are stuck in a car for many hours with no bathroom in sight.  You become very creative and resourceful.  Caleb said he wanted to make a snow toilet.  We told him it would be too cold to sit on, but it was a great idea.  I used a cup and cursed not having bought the GoGirl.  Our SUV friends opened the passenger doors and made a little stall, using blankets for extra privacy.   

Lest you think we sat in our cars complaining and yelling at each other, this photo should prove otherwise.  Us feismom's really know how to pack for an emergency.  I had packed a cooler full of food to last us the weekend and only eating out two to three times.

We met some friends on our adventure, too.  They embraced the snow and inconvienence with gusto.  I'm not sure I felt the same way, but they sure did bring lots of smiles and giggles to motorists who inched their way past this friendly guy.  

Many other stranded motorists had the same idea.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get pictures because it was too dark, but several others made miniature snowmen all along the guard rail and one creative person built a life size human figure sitting on the guardrail facing us.  We noticed that snowman after they shuffled us off  Eastbound I-70 and onto Westbound I-70 heading east.  The kids and I thought it was so neat to drive the wrong way on the Interstate, even if it felt a little odd.  I wonder if that’s what it feels like to drive in Europe?  I sure would like to find out for myself.  haha.

Several other dancers from our school went  to a nearby Middle school to spend the night.  The Red Cross was brought in by the National Guard to feed them, but I read in the Denver Post that there were no cots provided.  It was a rough night for them I’m sure. We finally made it to our hotel around 1:00 AM and crashed.  Luckily, the organizers of Feile Denver were willing to delay the start of the feis so that more people might have a chance to make it in.  It allowed us to get much needed sleep before the big competition.  

Travel Update @ 1.36 PM.   Mile marker 279 with 66 miles to Rawlins.  Casey and Caleb are still arguing, intermittently.  Chloe is “bored” and is still nursing her ankle. Our two extra passengers are helpful and cheerful.  

That brings us to the competition results.  I know you’ve been waiting to read how my dancers did, so I’ll just get right to it.


2-Hand Reel - 2nd place

Beginner I Reel- HM


Open 2-Hand- 1st place

Open 4-Hand- 1st place

Open 6-Hand- 1st place

Prizewinner Reel- Did not place.

Novice Light Jig-1st place!!  She’s now in Prizewinner!!  

Prizewinner Slip Jig- 3rd place.

Novice Single Jig- Did Not place.

Prizewinner Treble Jig- 1st place!!!  

Prizewinner Hornpipe- 3rd place

Prizewinner Traditional Set (Blackbird)- 2nd place

Reel Special- HM


Open 2-Hand- Did not place.

Open 4-Hand- 3rd place

Open 6-Hand- 1st place

Prizewinner Reel- Did not place

Light Jig- He doesn’t have to compete it because he placed 1st at Prizewinner level. 

Slip Jig- He’s a’s a “girls” dance.  

Prizewinner Single Jig- 3rd place

Novice Treble Reel- 2nd place

Novice Hornpipe- 2nd place

Novice Traditional Set- Did not place

Reel Special- Honorable Mention

Travel Update @ 7:30 PM:  We are home!!!!  Cleaned and vacuumed out the car.  I hope it doesn't take me the whole week to unpack.  

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