Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange for Stellan!!

*UPDATED 4/22/09 @ 7:39 PM MST**

We made the cut!!!!  The photo of West Valley City, Utah Starbucks employees and myself (with one of my favorite drinks) is up.  I love being snuggled between all the other people around the world who love Stellan, too!!  Yippee!!

I cajoled the local Starbucks employees to pose for a picture with me.  I told them about Stellan and why I was wearing orange.  They happily agreed and I told them to check out My Charming Kids. to see their picture.  I ran out of the store with my Venti Caramel Frapp,  uploaded the picture from my camera to my laptop and sped off to work.  Around noon, I had a little break and decided to drive around some of the neighborhood streets in downtown Salt Lake City to   steal a little measly bit of bandwidth.  I was having a hard time finding anyone who didn't have the common sense to password protect their precious WiFi.  Finally, I found some, but I guess it was a little too late to make the cut.  So, what better place to post the photo than here.  

BTW- Stellan is out of surgery, awake and has already enjoyed his yummy MckMama Happy Meal. The last Twitter was that she was finally getting some sleep.

Good Night MckMama.  

Good Night precious baby Stellan.  

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  1. Cute blog...enjoyed your pics...snow storms are behind us in Maine thankfully....found you on morning ramble....have a great day...