Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Sorry I don't have pictures for this post.  I'll post some another day.  Promise.

Last week, for all of our Leprechaun stuff, we experienced 65-74 degree sunny days.  After several months of snow and cold sunny days, I had this fantabulous idea where I would take a week off of work and Spring clean my entire house. 

One thing you should know about me is that I try not to start something without making a list.  The list keeps me on track and helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something when I get to check off a little box.  If I wasn't too cheap to buy little gold stars, I would.  

On Monday morning I woke up to what felt and looked like the middle of winter.  I knew I would wake up to snow, but I figured it would be minor.  Not so.  It was a blizzard.  Hmmph!!  A far cry from last week's balmy 70 degrees, but no amount of snow was going to ruin my motivation.  I pulled out my lists, my new Method cleaning supplies and got to work.  

I decided to start on my basement since that is where the laundry room is and fifteen plus loads of dirty laundry waiting to be washed. 

*Washed all the basement walls & baseboards
*Moved furniture around
*Finished several loads of laundry, fold/hang, put away
*Deep cleaned bathroom, shower.
*Mopped floors
*Washed stair walls, baseboards & handrail
*vacummed stairs
*Directed the twins with their room (they washed walls, baseboards, cleaned out drawers, dusted and vacuumed)

*Rob took a personal day to help get the worst room in the house organized. Muscleman!!
*We went to Starbuck's for coffee, registered the twins in High School and went to Great Harvest Bread Co. to pick up a loaf and get a free loaf.  YUM!
*Rob and I moved everything out of the craft/office room.  
*Decided we needed to buy a storage unit from IKEA
*Went to IKEA to buy the unit and a table top desk that attaches to it.
*Went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch
*Came home to put it together
* I washed the walls and baseboards in the room
*Had the boys bring up a bookcase from the basement
*Had the boys bring in all the heavy plastic tubs full of books from the garage
*Organized books
*Went through the many boxes that were once in the craft/office room.
*Did more laundry
*I went to sleep very easily.  I think I even fell asleep before Rob did!  

*Made my younger two Cinnamon Burst french toast with the GHB we bought yeserday.
*My back is hurting today.  It feels tight and now that the boys are home they can walk on me.  
*Currently I have 1 more load of laundry (whites) to wash and 3 more to dry.
*Finished sorting DVD's and VCR tapes
*Mopped the dance floor, washed the dance room walls & baseboards.
*Went to Panda for lunch 
*Organized all the little stuff in the basement.  
*Went through more boxes from the craft/office room
*I need to take the boys to youth when the elementary kids get home from school.
*I might stop at IKEA to pick up 2 boxes.  I got an idea from the STORAGE magazine I was thumbing through last night. 

Currently we are organizing all the big boxes into little boxes. 
*Bathroom articles
*Office supplies
*To be filed
*Irish Dance

Once we finish all of that it will be easy to take the box where it needs to go and begin organizing it from there.  

Later this evening I will be finishing up the craft/office room and hopefully clean the bathroom and maybe the front room (where I am sitting right now).  

Thursday the kids have half day off school, so I am going to start bright and early with the kitchen.  It should go pretty fast because I just cleaned it a few weeks ago (even the fridge).  I'll have to pull it out to sweep and mop behind it, but it's been done twice already since August 2008.  Easy-peasy!!  I'll let the oven self clean while I empty all the drawers onto the *covered* kitchen table and organize from there.  The pantry was cleaned out a few weeks ago, too, but I'll go back over it.   Once I'm done with the kitchen I will finish the front room and move on to the Master Bedroom and closet.  If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you'll remember that I just cleaned and organized this bedroom & closet not too long ago.  Again...this will be Easy-Peasy!!  

To Be Continued.......

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