Friday, March 27, 2009

Twitter. Twitter. Twitter.

I have finally started Twittering.  

Like alot of bloggers, I don't have the time to post an entry every day, so I decided to join Twitter and I love it!  

I can hop on my cell phone or computer and post a tiny tid-bit of what I'm doing.  It's fabulous.  

Scroll down my sidebar until you find my twitters.  Underneath the updates you can click a link to follow me or you can just read them here.  It's up to you.  


I'm back to Spring cleaning.  Wednesday night didn't go as planned, nor did Thursday day or evening, but I have a goal to finish several rooms today.

*Master Bedroom &  Bath
*Coat Closet
*Front Room
*Main Bathroom

I should be able to get all of those rooms done today if I can just stay off the computer.

We have Casey's play tonight and then Rob will take the older boys to Spring Fling (a lock-in at a rec center).  I will be home with Caleb since Chloe will stay the night again at Gamma's. 

After dance tomorrow morning, Chloe will need my help doing her bedroom (she's living it up at Gamma's house. Lucky girl!) and if everything I hope to get done today actually gets done, I can head out to the garage and straighten up the left over's out there.  

I'm so excited at how much I am simplifying everything.  It's a great feeling.  

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  1. I love twitter too, it is a great way to keep up with some of my favorite bloggers!