Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Talk About Men in Kilts

Maybe it's just me, but I think kilts are sexy. Extremely sexy!

My husband has been wearing a kilt for over a year now. It has become his choice of clothing when we need to dress up or to just go somewhere that invloves Irish Dance. He also wears his kilt when he is participating in the Scottish Heavy Games.

In February, he took Chloe to her first Daddy/Daughter dance and he proudly wore a kilt.  Our daughter, whom I dream of doing an Irish wedding for someday, was not the least bit embarassed by her dad's attire.  She loved it.  That's her daddy...the one she watches throw heavy things over bars.  For fun.  He's also the one that brings a little more depth to the Irish & Scottish heritage our family will never let die.   

Last Saturday Crawford Irish Dance put on their annual recital and several of the dads were comfortable enough with their manliness forced into putting on a little performance.  When most people see this, they see the humor of it or how cute it is.  I see men who embrace their own heritage with passion and fathers who would do anything to support their very talented children.  Even if it means dancing in a kilt.  

The Kilt Daddies

Rob is wearing the sunglasses and dances with Casey & Chloe.  Caleb did not want to go out there with them, so he's missing from this very cute performance.  

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Cead mile failte -A hundred thousand welcomes


  1. It's good to see people living their heritage, if your husband or you would like some more information on kilts then please visit my site at

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  2. Thanks David. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I took a quick look at your site and love it! I will look at it a little more in depth this evening. We have Irish Dance lessons today. :)