Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. I finally have a moment to post some cute pictures for you all to enjoy.
I could never get a face photo of here he is making all the girls swoon.  That's my boy!

Chloe with P.C & A.F waiting for the parade to start.  Chloe looks so excited, doesn't she?  I think she was just hoping I didn't move so the sun wouldn't shine in her eyes.  

You can't get any better than Amy's dog, Suzie, all dressed up for St. Patrick's Day.  Woof!

Caleb being a goof-ball around all the Pee-Wee girls.  Such a ladies man.

Joe T., Rob D. (my sexy kilted man), Mark K. and little A.T. all sporting their kilts.  
Just a quarter of our parade...the rest had already turned the corner.  We are a big school with lots of fabulous dancers!!

A sign that was made by one of the talented Feismama's.  

The Crawford School of Irish Dance/An Daire Academy performed March 14 at the Siamsa in downtown Salt Lake City.  This was the Novice, Prizewinner and Champ levels doing the Double Reel.  I must say, our dancers are quite amazing!!  

Way to go, Crawford dancers!!

Casey is the only boy, so he's not hard to spot. Chloe is in the front row in a bright pink and black dress with a celtic cross on the front.

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  1. Great times... I am still a bit tired, but your post is great...
    nice double reel...