Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Organizing the Love Nest

Yesterday was a productive day for me. Instead of going shopping or sitting at the computer all day, I decided to focus on one room of the house. I'm in a major decluttering mood lately, so I chose the most important room to me. 

The Master Bedroom - BEFORE

This room is, sadly, the one place where everything seems to get dumped. 

Like you hadn't noticed.  

It feels like a junk room, at times, rather than a place of comfort and intimacy rest. Sorry...I couldn't resist. 

This plastic drawer system was used to hold whatever.  A couple of the drawers only had one thing in them.  What a waste of space.  Plus it just looked weird out in the open.  Oh, everyone say "Hi Lilo!" 

Yeah...that's a cleaning spray bottle in my closet.  I probably set it down in one of my many ADD moments.  Anyway....we already had the hook from IKEA.  In fact, we have two.  One for ties and one for belts.  They've been great and are only $4.99 each.

To be completely honest, I had taken the brown boxes that are on the floor down from a shelf in the closet before I remembered to grab my camera.  I am Semi-Organized,  you know.

The Master Bedroom - AFTER

I decided to stick the plastic drawer bin in the closet, though I'm still not sure what to put in there.  The bottom drawer holds my cloth pads, which I am very proud of and thankful I was brave enough to choose cloth over paper.  That's a whole other post though.  You really wanted to know all of that, didn't you?  

I already had the shoe holders and put them to good use. I found them when I was cleaning out the basement storage room a few weeks ago.  It's always nice to re-use things you have.  In fact, the only thing I bought for this organizing spree were some pant hangers for Rob's work pants, we already owned everything else.  

This whole system is from IKEA.  I bought them all in the "AS IS" section for a fraction of what they sell for new.  The utensil organizer is also from IKEA and was "As Is" for only $6.00.  It was sitting on the shelf in our closet since we moved in.  I dusted it out and thought it would make a nice place for Rob's sporan, watch & wallet.  My jewlery (which is not much) is on the other side. 

This drawer was full of junk.  I cleaned out TWO drawers that Rob was using to stuff things like; dead batteries and used movie tickets.  This utensil holder is also from IKEA and was "As Is" for only two dollars.  It makes a really nice holder.  Can you tell I love IKEA?  

Here is the other IKEA hook that holds our belts.  Love it!

This is a pile of bathroom items that haven't had a home for a long time.  I finally got them all organized.  

Bottom Shelf:  The shelving unit, woven divided basket and glass jars are from IKEA.  This shelf is for various items, but mostly things we use more often than others.

Second Shelf: This shelf is filled with baskets of sunblocks, shaving items, pedicure items.

Third Shelf: This shelf holds four plastic divided containers.  The dividers are removable so you can customize the spaces you need.  They are from IKEA and sell for $3.99 each.  I have them separated into four categories:  Owie's, Cold/Flu, Allergies (includes creams, benadryl, etc) and prescription medications.   

I know that I'm missing a few more "After" pictures.  As soon as the kids got home from school yesterday we were out the door for doctor appointments.  I didn't have time to wash the sheets or make the bed.  I don't know when I'll actually get the chance to do laundry.  Hopefully this weekend because I really hate sleeping on the mattress without a sheet.  


  1. HI, MS. LILO (my very favotite cat) WOW really neat job you did on bedroom, imagine it feels lots nicer to walk in there now. Will take a tour when I pick up the twins this afternoon. And, the only reason you don't have much jewelry is because you aren't the 'jewelry type person' (or so you tell me!) so that leaves my bank and jewelry box full of jewelry (mostly from Nana and Grandad). Hope Chloe loves jewelry. Mom

  2. Great Job!!! I appreciate you letting the world see my "Soran"...
    And also the fact that I am a cheapskate and never buy you jewels...
    No jewel on earth, under the sea, or in the universe could compare to the beauty of your majestic eyes...

  3. Why would you want to buy her jewelry when she never wears anything except rings and when I have more than enough for both of us! Save your dough...if you want jewelry come shop at my bank box! MB

  4. You should look into the diva cup - even better than cloth pads!! :) trust me. I started using it a few months ago and I'll never switch. I did a 'vague' post about it a few weeks ago, but if you google it you can find out more info. LOVE IT!! :)

    And your closet looks great!