Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talk About: My Pantry Door

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This is my pantry door.

In August 2008, when we moved into this house, I was a little shocked at how skinny and narrow my pantry really was.  Things just seem to look bigger when they are empty.  We're a family of seven, so I need to keep as much cabinet and pantry space available as I can.  I didn't want to use a cabinet shelf for spices since I always end up moving everything out just to find what I need.  I wanted a simple space where I could easily find everything, so I did what all crazy organizers do.....

I went on a vacation to IKEA. 

Did you know that when someone who is even mildly obsessed with organizing enters the hallowed doors of IKEA, the angels sing hallelujah and the planets allign?  No!  Well, then you must not be obsessed with organizing.  Either that, or your iPod is turned up too loud.  

Anyway... no longer do I have to buy expensive baskets or whole rack systems that I cannot customize to suit my specific needs and space.  I now have IKEA and all it's glory.    

I found these metal baskets in the kitchen section at IKEA. They ranged from $1.99 to $2.99.  Each comes with a removable handle so you can either hang it on a bar or attach it to a wall.  They also come with a removable tray which I love! I plan on getting a couple more for the lower sections of my door at some point, but the baskets suit my needs at the moment.  


  1. I agree! IKEA rocks!

  2. I hear the singing when I go to Ikea too! If it were closer I would go there a lot more often.