Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's a Hard Knock Life

Although my house looks like a tornado hit it, we were very productive today.  I like being productive.  Lately, I've been on a chuck it all out the window and don't look back phase.  It all started with the basement project.  I felt energized and ready to tackle even bigger things, like the garage. When it warmed up, that is.  Freezing my tushie off in the garage is not my idea of fun.  

When the nice weather man said it would reach fifty degrees today, and be sunny, I knew it would be a great day to get some outside work done.  We could all use the sunshine and Spring like temperatures after all the snow we've had.  Oh, and it just so happens that my fifteen year old son presented me with the most amazing opportunity to utilize his growing muscles and teach him his actions do have consequences and his recent actions have resulted in....... 

Teenage Slavery

I know you're dying to know what he did to deserve such parental torture, aren't you?  First, let me post a picture of the young man we're training up.  

This handsome teenage boy is my first born, by one minute.  I love the kid dearly, but I don't understand teenage boys very well.  You see, this young man decided he was going to skip a class last Wednesday.  He also thought it would be fun to horse around, while skipping class, with a friend of his and they ended up breaking a window.  He has to pay fifty dollars and for a kid without a job, that's a lot of money.  So, being the mean mom I am, I knew this would be a great opportunity to work him like a slave so he could earn the money to pay it off.  At five dollars an hour, I'll have him slaving away for the next few weekends.  

Does anyone need anything done?  I'll gladly offer his services.  He can clean toilets, scrub sinks, mop floors.  Oh and if you want to make him work happily, just play "It's a Hard Knock Life" over and over again.  He loves that song. 


  1. Brenden Ashton Dean - what in heaven's name motivated you to skip class and get yourself into where you break a window? Geez sweetheart I love you and would actually jump in front of a moving bus/car if needed to save you (and that applies to all my terrific grandchildren), but NOT doing what you know supposed to do usually lands one in more complicated situations than one needs. Well when your turn to stay overnight comes up you can help me clean garage - only problem is the money will have to go for a broken window. But, I have very high hopes that one day (preferably before the magical #16) things will change. Sort of like Lilo who loved to sneak outside all the time until one day she took on more than she could handle and now prefers the safety of home and family. Hugs from Gamma

  2. I don't think Brenden even knows why he did such a common-less sense thing. I let him read your comment and he just gave the phone back to me. Hmmph. Teenagers. I'm glad I was never one. ;)