Monday, July 6, 2009

The past week.

I'm still waiting for decent photographs of my children at last week's feis. My friend, A, takes amazing photographs with her sweet camera, so I will wait to pluck some from her stash.  My camera didn't pull out anything really decent, as you can see in last post about Kaidan.  Everything is blurry or too dark. I certainly could not take a decent shot of moving dancers from my camera in perfect lighting, which means trying to capture my adorable dancers in fluorescent lighting would be darn near impossible.

I have been trying to regroup after weeks of feis preparation.  I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped.  We had a week off of dance, but the kids start back tomorrow afternoon and it feels much too soon.  Dance camp is the third week of July and we have several church camps this month, too. At some point, I'll have to start purchasing school uniforms and preparing the kids for school to start. Until then, I'm doing my best to enjoy July and keep the kids busy with trips to the library, the Gateway fountains and swimming at the rec center. I hope to plan a few hiking trips and picnic's, too.


Saturday, the kids were in the Park City, Utah parade. We always worry it's going to be too hot for all the dancers, but it was beautiful weather on the Fourth of July.  We were planning on spending the day up there at the festival and walking around the Outlet Shops.  I'm glad we decided not to stick around, though, the shops are too tempting for me.  My mom *dropped off Brenden and Braden at home and picked up Chloe.  Rob cooked chicken on the barbeque and we watched lots of fireworks from our backyard while we ate ice cream cones. 

*My mom has had three of our children, at different times, since Thursday afternoon.  It's nice to have the break and I can truly relate to MckMama's feelings as her oldest son was away and she only had three (instead of four) to wrangle with.  By the way, Thank You Mom!!!


School Uniform Update:  My mom took us to buy school uniforms for the kids on Friday.  Casey and Chloe now have a few outfits.  It was a major relief to Rob and I and we are very thankful.  All they need are new socks and shoes, which we'll buy in August.  This charter school allows students to wear any style of shoe as long as it has a back and a strap, so we aren't completely limited.  


Tomorrow I will be taking one of my older boys to the doctor, heading to the pharmacy and then back home to get some work done.  The kids want to go swimming, but I really want to get my craft room cleaned up so I can sew.  I also want to get all the laundry finished before my work week starts on Tuesday.  We do have to take some books back to the library, so maybe the kids will be happy with that instead.  

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  1. Chloe was telling me how she "made space in her drawers for her school clothes" and "hung the others in closet" - she's excited to start school. Okay gotta run Chloe wants to go swimming again - ugh at 1:30 p.m. too. Oh well she helped me deliver 2 phones today so her reward.