Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Canyon Ranch

This is where our daughter is until the middle of this week. I'm sure she's loving every minute of it. I miss her, but I'm glad she had the opportunity to go. Our 13 year old will get his chance starting Wednesday evening.

Now this is my kind of camp!

The Grove, where they worship and pray. It's beautiful down here!

When you walk in the front door, this is what you see.

Chloe's bunk. She wanted top bunk and got it! She loves her leader, Lauren. I'm glad she is comfortable there. I hated leaving home. I think it was because I knew I couldn't just call my mom and say "Hi, I love you." Very scary for a small child. Anyway, Chloe had to be coerced to come downstairs and give her daddy and I a kiss and a hug. She happily gave us one of each, but was having so much fun she forgot to say "Bye!".

I bet these would look even more beautiful in the wild. Regardless of my personal feelings of killing things and stuffing them to hang on a wall, they do appeal to the rustic feel of the cabin.

A little kitchenette. How quaint! How come I didn't get to camp like this?

A lone picnic bench. I imagine many people were prayed for right here and possibly many lives (young and old) were forever changed.

The pond.

The temporary mess hall. The larger one will be built soon.

The patio outside of the temporary mess hall.

An innovative fly-trap.

Garbage can with a fly trap over it. They also had many fly traps hanging from tree's around the camp. I plan to find out what it is this week.

The view from upstairs.

I hope my daughter and son enjoy their time at the ranch this week. I pray that their lives will be forever changed, that they will boldly follow Christ and further their relationship with Him.

God Bless, my little ones. Jesus loves you!


  1. This is where Colin went to camp a few weeks ago. He had an amazing time and did, indeed, come back a changed young man. I've seen him grow in his relationship with Christ in amazing ways the last few weeks. It's awesome.

  2. They call this 'camp' - looks more like a resort. Guess I was born 55 yrs too early! Glad Chloe, Casey and Rob had such a great time although Casey will tell you, in a really comical way, how he had to sleep in same room as his dad. Gamma