Friday, July 17, 2009

Is it really only Friday?

I chose this photo because there is absolutely NOTHING on the floor. No clutter, no trash and nothing hanging over the railing to dry. Amazing! I also chose it because I miss Casey and his sense of humor. I can't wait till he comes home from Youth Camp.

Tomorrow is the last day of Irish Dance Camp. I love dance camp, but it's very tiring for upper level dancers and their parents. Especially if you have more than one dancer in different levels. I feel like I haven't been home much at all. I came home yesterday with the intention to do laundry and clean a bathroom, but I made macaroni & cheese & frozen taquitos and popped in a movie while the kids played. We then went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream cones because I'm a nice mommy and well, a yummy chocolate cone sounded scrumptious. Today was dance camp and from 10 AM - 9 PM I was gone. We also had our annual Dance Camp BBQ at a local pool, so coming home to finish the laundry I started yesterday start the laundry I've been neglecting didn't happen. We arrived home around 9:oo and I am too tired to do anything, but type this blog, read some blogs and go to bed in approximately 15 minutes.

Chloe has learned so much at this dance camp and I'm very proud of her amazing growth this past year. Casey has been at youth camp, but will be home tomorrow to catch the end of dance camp. He will have to work hard to catch up with everyone else, but he can do it.

Rob has been up at youth camp with Casey and things have been amazingly calm around the homefront. I didn't get anxious or frustrated and I didn't cry because I was overwhelmed. In fact, I never was overwhelmed. This is an amazing accomplishment for me.

Only a couple catastrophes happened this week while Rob was gone:

1. Lilo dumped a tall glass of water on our iHome. It's making funny noises, so I unplugged it, let it dry and took the batteries out. I'm so bummed!

2. Brenden & Braden (TweedleDum & TweedleDee) went swimming yesterday and didn't put on any sunscreen. They came home as lobsters and today Brenden has been pretty sick with tiny blisters on his back. I'll keep watching him.

Not so bad, but two things I wish didn't happen. I am extremely tired and need to relax, so I'm going to take a break from the blog for a couple days. I need to get my house in order (too many loads of laundry) and spend some time with my hubby when he returns. A very special day is coming up next week. I'm so excited! Can anyone guess what it is?


  1. They sure do run the kids ragged at camp, don't they? But for the cost of it, I guess we'd be mad if there was too much downtime!

  2. what are you talking about I have a great sense of humor.