Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter's Artwork

Some time ago, as I was reading through a fellow bloggers archive, I came across this one.

Fractals? What are fractals?

Renee, of A Baker's Dozen, has a great definition, so I'll just share hers as to not confuse ya'll.

"First, I explained what a fractal was: a geometric shape that repeats itself, often in more and more complicated patterns. A fractal has the same basic shape at a large scale, as a small (and often microscopic) scale." - A Baker's Dozen

She taught me a new word and a little more about fractals. They are very interesting and when in the form of ice, beautiful! I bet Renee doesn't know that she actually homeschools me, too. I'm kinda sneaky like that.

She homeschools me so much that last winter I was able to share my newfound knowledge with my teenage son, Braden. He was to write a short report on ice or snow or something like that. I really don't remember what the report was about, but I do remember as soon as he mentioned it my eyes became big and I ran to the computer to show him Renee's fractals. In case you were wondering, Braden received an A on that report.

And the learning continues.....

Last week, after a huge snowstorm and sub-zero temperatures, we opened our front door to this beautiful sight (and the photos above).

I immediately called my children to the front door, scooped up my camera and shot these photographs before the heat from the house began melting natures artwork. Braden remembered exactly what they were. As I was stuttering to come up with the name, "Fra...Froc....?" Braden piped up, "They're called fractals, mom."


  1. Smart lad! And thankyou for your prayers. I've needed them. You're lovely.

  2. those are beautiful pictures! Mother Nature is the best artist around!

  3. Sarah- Praying for you both! Thanks for taking the time to comment. :) Have a Merry Christmas!

    Bette- Thanks! They were a bit dark at first, but I enhanced them a bit. I think they are a little too bright. I love finding the beauty in nature. :)