Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sock Irish dancer's best friend

This is "Sock Glue".

This is my daughter wearing sock glue.

"Why does your daughter need, um, sock glue?"

"Because. (rolls eyes) She needs to keep her white "poodle socks" from slipping down while she dances."

"Um...okay, but glue?"

"Yeah. If her socks ever slipped, even a smidgen, in front of an adjudicator, she wouldn't get first place. Not to mention, all the other Feismom's would be shaking their heads at me. That's why!"

"So, um, how does she get it off?"

"The glue?"


"Oh. Well, that depends. If we're at a hotel, she'll throw on her suit and jump in the pool with her socks on. She looks really funny, but it works. Once the socks get wet, the glue doesn't stick anymore. Otherwise, she just peels them off on our way home. Very. Very. Slowly.

Like a Bandaid. Or a scab.

You should see the faces she makes. Talk about hilarious!!"

And while we're on the subject of "sock glue", I thought I'd turn your attention to the most comical Irish Dance blogger known to man and his thoughts on sock glue.

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  1. Fabulous Posts. I'll admit it's one of my favorite things to tell new Irish Dance Parents... all the what, where, why, when and how's of that lovely invention.

    Great post! Just updated with a blog entry on Practice, could you take a look?