Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mouse trouble

No! Not this kind of mouse!

This kind of mouse. The Apple mouse. He's cute, dontcha think?

If you're having trouble with the scroll ball on your Apple mouse, did you know there are a couple tricks to get it back up and running again? I didn't. And then, well, the mouse started misbehaving. Mice tend to do that from time to time.

So, I Googled it. I love Google. Don't you? You can find most anything on Google and these people have really hit the jackpot.

Like, um, this blogger.

And this blogger, who really cracks me up with his list of "google search terms". I didn't even know this was possible! How does one even search how people found their websites?

But I digress. So, back on the ball or to the ball. Or something like that.

Trick #1: Pick up your mouse and flip it upside down. Scroll the ball back and forth, left and right all the while pressing pretty firmly. Check to see if it's scrolling properly. If not, try it again.

Trick #2 (my favorite): Grab a clean white piece of paper and flip your mouse upside down on top of it. With the ball firmly placed on the paper, roll it back and forth. Make sure you're pressing firmly or it will not work. Lift your mouse off the paper and see if there is any black residue (Ewww!) left over. I did this one time and the mouse was good as new.

With other mouses/mice/mousi you can just twist off the ball cover, remove the ball and q-tip out the lint that is inside. Voila! A new mouse to scamper around your desk top.

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