Wednesday, August 19, 2009


At some point, during our busy weekend, Caleb (our 7 year old) decided that he wanted to sell all of his toys (except the Lego's, of course!) so that he could buy more Lego's. He has tried this several times before, but I've usually persuaded him not to. Caleb is not easily persuaded, however, and has researched Ebay, Target and Walmart to see how much money he needs to make so that he can buy the Lego's he wants. He even went so far as to price his used toys so that if all of them sold, he would have enough money. For sure, his math skills come from Daddy and well, we all know where his organizational and thinking ahead skills come from, right?
I didn't get a photo of his "Toy Sale" table, but I did happen upon this little number.
This sign was made by Casey (our 13 year old) to advertise a (well played with) train table that was dontated to Caleb's cause by a neighbor who was nesting. She gave explicit instuctions that "She did not want the table back." Thanks neighbor, it's still sitting in our garage, and congrats on your new baby boy! If you didn't catch the sign, here it is again.

Coming from a child who has struggled with reading, writing and putting words into a sentence, I'm very pleased! This is amazing progress for Casey. I will have to talk to him about the value of used items, though. Fifteen dollars for this train table is bordering on "usery".

Semi-Toyless (except for thousands of Lego's and the small fact that nobody bought anything from him), Caleb began finding alternative things to play with. Since mommy and daddy would say no to real knives, no doubt, he found plastic hangers to use as weapons.

After fifteen years of toys (lots of toys) and spending money on things that would entertain the kids, I wonder why we didn't think of belts and hangars much, much earlier.


  1. Another thing Casey and Sawyer have in common - Sawyer is learning disabled too.

  2. Just happened over here from MckMama. I have to tell you, this is almost exactly the same outfit my son came out wearing the other day. What is UP with the hangers and belts??? It must be in the air - Haha!