Tuesday, August 18, 2009

International Days

This past weekend was full of back-to-school shopping, an Irish dance performance and doing laundry. It was a busy weekend with gorgeous weather (for the most part).

On Friday evening we shuttled our three dancers across the valley so they could get the crowd jiggin'. We were the first performance for International Days and despite ominous thunder clouds, there was a good sized gathering. The clouds let out a few sprinkles here and there while we were performing, but didn't start to pour until our expensive wigged daughter was safe (and dry) in our car. We even got a free snowcone. Mine was Tiger's Blood and the kids had some sort of suicidal mixture that would make a sane person gag.

Casey showing off his solo Reel. Go Casey!

Seeing as I always seem to post more photo's of Chloe, you know, dancing perfectly. Ahem. I thought I would let you see that she's a real girl, with real talent and she even struggles a little. This is a great photo of Chloe "sitting" that our TCRG sent to Chloe as a visual. I showed her the photo and she groaned, I giggled and then she smiled. She's working hard to straighten those knees. Those darn knees have a mind of their own. If any Irish Dancer's read my blog and want to suggest some techniques that might help her, please leave a comment. Other than that...Chloe and Casey are well on their way to the Prelim level. Proud? You better believe it!

Check out my little guy with his naturally red-headed partner (aka. Red)!

And here they are again, my son and "Red".

Which reminds me...if a blond haired male marries a red haired female, what is the chance they will produce red haired children?

Yes, I am obessed. (You can totally see it, right?)

I love red hair and for good reason. You see, the red-haired popluation is diminishing drastically and while I cannot donate eggs or sperm to help produce more redheads, I can tell every redheaded person I meet how beautiful their hair is and try to coerce my children into marrying natural redheads.

What?! I'm joking! Sheesh.


  1. Actually the red hair in our family came from the German side (as far as I know at least) since your maternal great grandfather had bright red hair and both you and I inherited the dramatic red hilights.....can't complain have had more compliments on the red hair than anything else. mom

  2. Well I hope some of my kids carry that bright red hair gene! :)

  3. I'm thinking a blonde and red-head could produce at least one strawberry blonde.
    By the way, it is a statistical improbability that red-heads will ever disappear completely.
    FYI the strongest concentration of red-heads in 10% in the Highlands of Scotland.
    That "Red" dancing with your son sure is cute. :)

  4. Oh, and I think you should duct tape sticks to Chloe's knees when she's dancing.

  5. My husband is Sandy and I am Red. So far we have one sandy haired daughter, and to my shock and awe, our second has red hair!

    It is such a wierd gene... neither of my parents have it, and only one sib got it besides me.

  6. I wish I had more pictures of kids when they are dancing just they way I told them they are... the look on their face when they realize "hey, maybe the boss knows what she's talking about!"

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