Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to make the other shoppers jealous.

This evening I went shopping for fruits and veggies at Sunflower Market while Rob had the kids at church for Jr. and Sr. High activities.  While standing in the check-out line a woman approached me and excitedly asked, "Where did you get those bags?"

She told me I should sell them after seeing the bag I made to store them in.  

As far as selling them, I'm sure she doesn't realize I have five children and I work four days a week outside of the home.  Plus, I'm an Irish Dance mom and that's, you know, my life. 

However, after some reflection, I realized I could make the changes I want to the bag*, stuff it with the mesh produce bags and give one away on my blog.  How about that for generosity?  I'm really not about selling things.  I'm more of a gift giver, but who knows what will happen.  I do have lots of dental work to pay for.  

*The colorful bag in the photo was my first try.  I've since exhausted every creative bone in my body to come up with a much nicer one.  You would be impressed!  Well, you know, once I find time to actually sew it.

Is anyone even remotely interested in using reuseable produce bags?  If you are, just leave a comment and you will automatically be entered into the drawing. 

Good Luck!!


  1. Yes! I'm totally interested! I love the reusable bag idea, and your is too cute!

  2. Sooooo Crunchy...
    YOu amaze me...

  3. Now Rob why would you be amazed - Lorri takes after her mom and nana....another one of those Engenerizer Bunnies!

  4. I love them! I keep meaning to get some and never get around to actually doing so. I'm definitely interested!

  5. I think they're a great idea! I want some! ;)

  6. ok - you have probably already done the drawing but I would love reusuable produce bags!! Where did you get them.

    The bag you made is super cute too!!

    Found your blog on April Rose's comments...i'm a first time visitor to you.

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