Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

(Chloe's present to two of her dance friends was a pedicure.  It was a first for all three of them and they enjoyed every relaxing and ticklish moment.)

My sweet baby girl turned ten years old on Mother's Day.  Gamma gave Chloe exactly what she wanted...a shopping day.  We took her to the mall to buy a summer outfit and ended up at Aéropostale.  Hmm..I wonder if she had this planned out all along?  This is Chloe's favorite store even though she doesn't have any of their clothing.  I figured the shirts would be a little long on her and there was no way the shorts would fit, but I was okay letting her get the shirts. We found a few items and sent her into the dressing room.  Alone.  I wish I would have remembered my camera. It was such a precious milestone to see her model the clothing for us.  Nothing could compare to the huge smile she had on her face when she realized that she did fit into the size "00" pants and "xs" shirts.  I was shocked, she was estatic and there we only daughter beaming and me, well....I fluctuated between being proud of my little big girl and fighting back the tears because it's obvious she is growing up right before my eyes. 

(slightly over exposed, ya think?)

Chloe is a Prizewinner Irish Dancer and will be going to her second Oireachtas this Fall.

She loves Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Zoe Girl. She excels at English/Spelling/Grammar and loves to read & write stories. I am grateful that I was chosen to be her mother.  She's has such an amazing spirit and her compassion runs deep within her.  She is a true friend and while she seems to be popular in her class, she tells me about the friends she makes that the other girls don't like.  She doesn't want them to be left out and quite frankly, she thinks they are "nicer than the others anyway".  She marches to her own beat and doesn't do anything she doesn't want to.   She is a rule follower (like her mommy) and can't quite see beyond the black and white for those *sometimes grey areas.  If anything she bends the rules to be more strict.  Huh?

How did I raise this child?  I was extremely self conscious, fearful of others not liking me, afraid to do or say the wrong thing.  I didn't like myself, didn't think I was pretty and didn't feel I was worth anyone liking me, anyway.  So, how did I raise this confident child?  She is very tender hearted and cries instantly if I raise my voice to her.  She has her sassy and extremely sassy moments, but we love her all the same.  

Here's a little organizing tip for you moms of girls out there!!

Chloe had a few American Girl (AG) items, and then was gifted an amazing amount of AG stuff. 
The trunk is full to the brim with actual AG accessories and clothing, so we needed a small space to hang some of those cute (and expensive!!) outfits.   I didn't want to throw everything in a plastic tub and shove it in the closet, so I had to be a little more creative.  Chloe would use her bookcase for everything that didn't have a home or anything she didn't want to find a home.  Books were rarely found on her bookcase, but I would always reorganize it to find some room.  When we were spring cleaning her room this past March we ended up going through all of the AG items.  Then, it hit me.   I was staring at the perfect spot the whole time.  Chloe and I took an IKEA towel/hanging basket rod ($1.99) and attached it to the bottom of one shelf. It made a perfect wardrobe for her AG dolls.  

You know what I learned in the process?  Bookcases aren't necessarily just for books. 

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  1. Such a sweet post, Lorri! It's hard to believe our girls are 10! She's a beautiful girl. Happy belated Birthday to Chloe!