Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greater things are yet to come...

We're moving in 5 weeks.  We've barely started packing and I'm willing myself to not freak out.  I know things will work out for the best, but putting all of our stuff in storage and relying on God's mercy and provision is terrifying to me.  I can totally hear half of you saying..."You're crazy, Yo!" and the other half proclaiming God's blessings on our family.  Why?  Cuz that's what I, at any given point in the day, am saying to myself.  


The kids are on Spring Break this week and we're supposed to be packing like mad banshees, but that hasn't happened yet.  Monday was a day full of errands and today was my dear husbands 40th birthday, so I couldn't force him to "work", now could I?  Tomorrow will be a BUSY day and I'm skipping morning Bible Study just to prove to myself how important it is that we
finish start packing.


Caleb started his first organized team sport today.  He was so excited to go to practice he wore his jersey all day.  He's such a cutie and seems to fit right in with team sports.  He even suggested the team name, the Red Phoenix's, and his team unanimously agreed!  

 I think he's going to be a GREAT soccer player!!  I can't believe we have waited so long to get him involved.  

Sure, he was a good Irish dancer, but that wasn't his thing.  He's definitely a 
sporty kid, but he sure could get jiggy with it when he wanted to.  

This is how he celebrates, as goalie for the day, when his team won in the scrimmage.  Should we begin "Sportsmanship" discussions or let him enjoy the moment?

Of course we will certainly discuss it.....but not just yet.  

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