Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back To School shopping...EEK!

Today I registered my 14 year old son, Casey, for High School. If that isn't traumatizing enough, I about had a coronary when they told me what I needed to pay in order for Casey to receive his schedule. Having made the decision early last year that Casey would travel daily to a public charter school that specializes in performing arts, we knew there could be extra costs associated with that. We are also well aware that High School costs are staggering. Having two almost 17 year olds...we're used to the $100+ each fees.

Registration Fees: I forked over the main High School fee of $101 and asked for the Performing Arts charter school to defer the remaining $85 dollars (not including the $35 year book), and then I promptly cried (inside).

You see, the twins register on Friday and there we will have to slink down in our chairs and ask to speak to the Vice Principal to see if we can defer their fees throughout the next few months. After that, the boys will be given their schedules (but not their school ID's until it's paid in full) and we'll need to walk down the hall to have their pictures taken. We'll choose the cheapest package, but it will still cost us about fifty dollars total.

I have a suggestion for schools though...can we not have picture day the same day we are supposed to pay registration fees? PLEASE!?

Thank goodness the other two are in Elementary school. The costs there are far less, even when you count in the extra tissues, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, EXPO markers and other things the teachers ask for. I'm willing to buy these extra items, even if I do spread it throughout the year to help make things a bit more bearable.

For those of you keeping tally, it seems that we'll spend over $450 dollars just to register the three High School boys. Five kids photographs will cost us (cheapest package) about $130 and come 2nd Semester, we'll have more fees, I'm sure. Oh, and we can't forget the Yearbooks....those are the most important, right? Hehe.

Supplies: I spent $63 at Target on the basic school supplies (I still need about $20 more, but waiting to make sure they really need it first). Thankfully, my mom bought the majority of the kids school clothing. What a blessing!!! We really don't go all out, just some basics. Jeans without holes, new shoes, socks and a couple new shirts. Chloe got the most outfits, but I made sure everything can be worn in the winter, too. I'm not buying new shorts for school....they can wear the ones they wore during the summer. When it starts to get cool we expand the school wardrobe with a few long sleeve shirts to wear under the t-shirts they already have and I tend to bargain shop for $2.00 t-shirts that go on clearance in the Fall.

Oh, and do you like how I conveniently avoided the fact that I have been blogMIA for, like, ever?



  1. Welcome back! I was wondering if you had fallen off the earth!
    Can you get their pictures taken elsewhere for cheaper? I never buy the school pictures. They get them taken at school for ID's and yearbooks. But to actually buy pictures I go to Penny's. They always have coupons on line and you get get a good sized package for $8. Just a thought.
    My sister registered my niece at the new high school in Saratoga Springs yesterday. $282 and that's no extra fees like year boook, drivers ed, etc.!! Aren't you glad you moved outta there?? LOL
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. She lives!!! :)
    We don't buy school pics either. Once in awhile we'll buy the ones they take in the spring (do some families buy BOTH?) . I like those better because they send home the finished pics first and the we can decide to.buy if the came out well.
    And now I'm glad we'll never have more then two kids at a time in HS!

  3. I agree the fees are high and can add up so fast.

    I will say I was a little sad to be paying for the last time in HS for my son. He is my baby and I don't like the feeling of him being the last one.