Monday, September 14, 2009

Twins on versed = Hilarious!

A week ago, tomorrow, the twins had double tonsillectomies. They've done most everything together since conception, why not surgery, too? They're healing well and have been able to manage the pain. It's still hard to swallow and they talk funny, but they might just head back to school sometime this week. We'll see.

Brenden Pre-Op
"Look at my cool booties!"

"Be sure to tie a double knot!"

Brenden went into surgery first, so he was the first to come out of the drugs. They gave both boys versed and ended up having to give Brenden Narcan, after they put him under, to reverse the sedation. He was having difficulty breathing and keeping his heart rate up with so much sedation. The nurse called him a "light weight". They ended up giving Braden a smaller dose of versed due to Brenden's reaction.

After surgery...still loopy.

Braden was so nervous I didn't get any before photos of him. He has a pretty severe case of needlephobia and after they took Brenden away, we spent a long time trying to explain everything. He ended up getting the IV before going in to surgery and was very proud of himself that he did everything, "Just like Brenden." I was proud of him, too.

After surgery, they wheeled Braden into the recovery area where Brenden already was and placed their beds side by side. Braden woke up enough to tap Brenden and said, "Brenden, I need to tell you something. I need to tell you something. Brenden....I love you." He reached his hand through the side bars and they held hands. Awww. Brenden, coming out of it, held his hand and didn't complain. I can only imagine how connected these two are. I'll have to remember this moment the next time they are trying to kill each other.

Brenden had us cracking up in pre-op. I was laughing so hard I actually pee'd my pants. A teeny-tiny bit. Having five children doesn't help ones bladder control and deep gut laughing doesn't help either. Seriously, I was rolling. Both Rob and I were. The nurses were even laughing (a little), but I guess they see people like this all the time. We, luckily, haven't witnessed our teenage boys "high" and I hope we never do. The doctors came in and told us we were having too much fun. Hehehe. I wish I would have recorded everything that day. It would have made great YouTube fodder. Don't take my word on it though, you decide.

I don't like to disappoint my readers, and in keeping with my amazing ability to embarass my children, I present to you.....

Brenden (after surgery) still recovering from versed.

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  1. Man...when my tonsilectomy happened...I was PITIFUL! All I would say is the twins should take it slow and steady! Hope they are 100% again soon!