Friday, January 4, 2008


Let me start by mentioning that I completely FAILED photography in high school. Completely. I could not understand the difference between an "F Stop" and a "dark room". However, technology has given way to the digital camera. All I need is a plug to attach my camera to my computer and, voila, I have pictures. No more waiting for overexposed EXPENSIVE film to be developed. No more realizing that my children got ahold of the camera and only 2 of the photos are useable. Now I can delete pictures before I even upload them. Nice. 

Two Christmases ago, my dh and I bought a pretty nice camera. It's a Sony DSC-H5. 

I can add some lenses to it, but haven't quite figured out which lense I will need the most. 

When I have my camera, in hand, I find myself open to the small things. Things I didn't quite see before. It's wierd how quickly my non-observant nature can reappear just as soon as the camera is back in its little black bag. Here are some of the first photographs I took and the first time I really began to see the beauty that has always been around me.

These were both taken in Kansas City last September. They were my first attempt at using the manual focus options. They still confuse me, but I really like having some manual options. I know my camera has quite a bit, but I have no idea how to use them. I'll have to keep working at it.

The other day, dh and I were waiting for our landlord to come and do a final walk through. I found this little gem just outside my front door. 

Now I know I need a lense that will let me do close up photo's without blur. Is there any way really use this camera for those kinds of photo's or am I going to need a much more expensive camera? I have no desire to go into business...I just want to take decent photos.

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