Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I want! I want! I want!

This is the most amazing Daily System available.

And the cost is pretty high, too! 

For just the 3 pieces I want in black wood (including the metal hanging bar), it would cost me about $180 with shipping*. That is plain ridiculious. I couldn't imagine spending that much, but oh how I want it. 

I've been to at least 10 different stores hoping to find something that would hold mail, keys and look nice on the wall. I haven't been able to find anything. It has to be wood and have a couple compartments. Here is a basic idea that I found on Just Organize Your Stuff (JOYS), but then when I emailed her and asked where she got it (a seasonal item from Sam's Club)she just HAD to send me a link to the one she "someday" hoped to get. That, my friends, would be the Pottery Barn Daily System mentioned above. 


Now I shall forever be in search of something comparable to either one....

Just keep searching....Just keep searching....

*$180 would be the SALE price...not the original price. DOUBLE SIGH

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